We’ve all been in this predicament, and a lot of you like myself will leave when they force you out because it’s closing time. At that point some go to house parties or hotels with that hottie you found walking aimlessly around the pool tables. Or others are at a loss and don’t know what to do with Themselves. This infographic is for those who need some direction.

When To Leave Bar Infographic

The world ends today. Prepare yourself for the zombie horde and be sure to stock up on the essentials! Here is a infographic list of everything you should need to stay alive.


Zombie Kit Infographic

Every time you get a notification on your social networking site, you are receiving a new opportunity to interact with another person. You want to respond and, when you do, you really want a reply back. It is that simple for you to get hooked to the internet. Indeed, all it takes is five hours per week to have a significant impact on a user’s mind. However, most people are online for over eight hours per day!

Internet addiction is a growing problem that is proving extremely difficult to control all because the internet has become heavily integrated into our work and social lives. Effects from too much internet usage include, but are not limited to, a significant reductions of attention span, loss of interest in other activities, and an increase in likelihood of developing ADHD. Engaging in offline activities and carefully managing your time and what you do online can help stave off a potential internet addiction.


Facebook Infographic


Image compliments of Best Masters in Psychology

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel through a wormhole in Star Trek style? Perhaps you’ve imagined asking Scotty to beam you aboard. Young and old love the fun scientific effects used in Star Trek programming, but many of the effects are only functions of active imaginations. However, there are some Star Trek effects and devices that warrant a more serious look in light of modern technological innovation.

Though some of these effects are simple in comparison to Star Trek standards, they provide intrigue to those who dream of space travel and activities. It’s possible to take a 3D scan of a solid object’s interior. Laser weapons have been developed. Computer science is expanding in tandem with robotics, making an android more conceivable in real life. Engineering puts concepts like impulse engines within grasp in the future. Cloaking technology has been explored as have shields and tractor beams. Potentials are limited at this point and experimentation crude, but it’s exciting to see how a fictional series can prompt the exploring nature of scientists.


Star Trek Infographic


Source: Best Computer Science Degrees

Geeks and Nerds don’t get along. They rarely move in the same circles. They have different interests and ways of approaching the world. Geeks have just enough technical knowledge to fix a cheerleaders iPad, but not enough to get the virus out of her computer. A nerd can fix the computer in seconds but have no idea how to talk with the cheerleader to tell her it’s fixed. Geeks get married, quite often to non-geeks. Nerds never propagate unless a girl traps them in a closet and uses force.

Both are important in society. A Nerd might spend his time with machines instead of people but Nerds invent the machines and the rest of us end up working for them. Geeks never travel in the usual social circles because it takes a lot to keep them interested. They have no patience with small talk. They control the business of art and music. If you buy cd’s or listen to the radio, you’re in the land of the Geeks. Pay attention.


Gees and Nerds Infographic


From: Masters In IT

Only the fittest members of the species will survive. That is the premise of Darwin’s survival theory. The theory is scientific in nature, and it expresses the believe that a species will grow stronger over time as the weaker members of the species are killed off. Humans, however, live in an environment that generally protects them from natural predators. Rather than being killed by ferocious animal attacks, today’s weaker members may actually be killing themselves off all on their own.

The Darwin awards are prime examples of how a lack of intelligence, being irrational and more are killing off some of the perceived weaker-minded individuals in the human race. These examples all show people’s stupidity and irrationality leading to their own demise, and all of these examples are of deaths that otherwise could have been prevented with a bit of forethought and logic. While Darwin original survival theory may have been related to predators and prey, it appears that the theory can now relate to the lack intelligence of certain individuals too.


Stupid Death Infographic


From: http://www.bestnursingmasters.com

In our modern world today it seems easy to make a few bucks selling products online. Many people have been successful with this endeavor and have attracted others. How does a person achieve this little journey? Well you need a starting point, furthermore; you have to figure out if it is a product or service, or is this just some old stuff lying around. After that thought process is accomplished, let’s say it is for items around the house to sell. Then the next step is to find out if maybe craigslist will be suitable or eBay, or how about a yard sale to help get rid of stuff that keeps collecting around the house.

However, if there is a service or product to share with the public then some new questions arise like: how serious are you? Why are you in business, and who is your target audience? With these questions in mind, you need to figure out if twitter, MySpace, Facebook, or even YouTube and some others will help sell the service. Some questions that should be asked is do you care if people see it? How well do you want people to see it? There are many options to show off services, it just depends on where you want to start and how far you want to go. All in all, selling products or services online takes work and certain steps to achieve a goal. Thankfully the guys over at CPC Strategy have provided a fantastic flow chart to help navigate the choices faced by people who want to sell products online.