Holiday Decorating Tips on a Budget

Posted: November 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

By Stephen Cowan

The holidays are here and it’s time to start decorating for the season. The holidays is a very stressful and exciting time of year and can be overwhelming with all the many different tasks you need to perform to get yourself and your house ready for the holidays. Here are a few holiday decorating tips you can use in order to prepare yourself for the upcoming festivities.

Invest in a collection

Starting a collection that can last through the years makes a great way to get decorating done quickly. This allows you to simply pull out your decorations from storage instead of fighting shoppers at the store every year. You will want to start a collection with something that can continue to grow through the years, such as Department 56 Villages and Byers Choice figurines. These make great collector items and nothing says it’s the holidays more than decorating your house in carolers and winter villages.

Stick with one theme

A big mistake people make during the holidays is they decorate their house with multiple themes. This makes your décor not look as professional and a lot more expensive since you have a lot more variables to consider on how to decorate. What I like to do is alternate themes each year so my usual setup doesn’t get boring or old, this keeps things new and exciting.

Make Your Own Decorations

A lot of people will spend hundreds of dollars buying decorations every year for the holidays, and a lot of them end up in the garbage when the holiday season is over. So why not make your own decorations out of common household objects instead and save yourself money. You can make snow globes using Mason Jars or make snow men out of cotton balls. There are many fun and creative ways to make Christmas decorations and a lot of it is easy to find instructions on and how-to’s online. All though making decorations Is fun and saves money, making all your decorations is unrealistic and time consuming so if you have a collection of Christmas figurines you will want to definitely bring those out and decorate with those and add the final touch with homemade seasonal crafts.

  1. ariel says:

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  2. Holiday decorating is stressful!! I sometimes wish the holidays came every other year :)

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