A Humorous Guide to Selling Products Online [Infographic]

Posted: November 30, 2012 in Infographics

In our modern world today it seems easy to make a few bucks selling products online. Many people have been successful with this endeavor and have attracted others. How does a person achieve this little journey? Well you need a starting point, furthermore; you have to figure out if it is a product or service, or is this just some old stuff lying around. After that thought process is accomplished, let’s say it is for items around the house to sell. Then the next step is to find out if maybe craigslist will be suitable or eBay, or how about a yard sale to help get rid of stuff that keeps collecting around the house.

However, if there is a service or product to share with the public then some new questions arise like: how serious are you? Why are you in business, and who is your target audience? With these questions in mind, you need to figure out if twitter, MySpace, Facebook, or even YouTube and some others will help sell the service. Some questions that should be asked is do you care if people see it? How well do you want people to see it? There are many options to show off services, it just depends on where you want to start and how far you want to go. All in all, selling products or services online takes work and certain steps to achieve a goal. Thankfully the guys over at CPC Strategy have provided a fantastic flow chart to help navigate the choices faced by people who want to sell products online.



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