The Possibilities of Realizing Star Trek Technology [Infographic]

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Awesome Technologies, Infographics

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel through a wormhole in Star Trek style? Perhaps you’ve imagined asking Scotty to beam you aboard. Young and old love the fun scientific effects used in Star Trek programming, but many of the effects are only functions of active imaginations. However, there are some Star Trek effects and devices that warrant a more serious look in light of modern technological innovation.

Though some of these effects are simple in comparison to Star Trek standards, they provide intrigue to those who dream of space travel and activities. It’s possible to take a 3D scan of a solid object’s interior. Laser weapons have been developed. Computer science is expanding in tandem with robotics, making an android more conceivable in real life. Engineering puts concepts like impulse engines within grasp in the future. Cloaking technology has been explored as have shields and tractor beams. Potentials are limited at this point and experimentation crude, but it’s exciting to see how a fictional series can prompt the exploring nature of scientists.


Star Trek Infographic


Source: Best Computer Science Degrees

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